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Choosing the right business software management solution is a critical step in putting your company on the path for future growth and sustainability –utilizing the necessary services ensures you realize the full potential of your solution and achieve your goals.

K & R Consulting Group will help you select the right business system that best fits your business, implement and train you on that system, support you when you have questions, and provide custom solutions when the standard software is not enough.  We are here with you every step of the way to ensure you get the most out of your system and continue to utilize the appropriate technology tools as your system demands change.  We realize your business evolves over time and your needs will change, so we are committed to provide you a variety of ongoing consulting services and personal support options to assist with unexpected changes, and help your company continue to move forward!

Consulting Method

Conduct a business review to identify and document system requirements and business issues.  Perform an onsite review to get a full understanding of the current business processes and procedures.  Gather sample data and select appropriate software management solution(s) to meet needs uncovered during the discovery process.  Prepare and demonstrate a prototype to show how each of the business needs will be addressed in the proposed software solution(s).

High-Level Consultative Approach

Strategic Planning

Discuss the overall state of business and future expected growth plans to identify appropriate ERP technology, platform and functionality needed to meet the current and future business needs.  Understanding the organizations’ overall goals and objectives will lay the foundation to develop a strategic plan for when these changes may take place.

A Trusted Adviser

Software Implementation

Design an in depth review and documentation of current business processes and procedures, extract data to clean up, migrate data into the new system, build out system prototype, test, select, and adjust final system configuration with key personnel.  Train end users, assessment & agreement to set cut over date, go-live and assist on-site to ensure a seamless conversion.

Process Driven


K & R Consulting provides a variety of training models and methods (train the trainer or train end users)- onsite, remote or a combination of both to address the training needs.  Individual or class training is available based on specific functionality, new features, or a focus on a particular topic or area in the system.

The Right Training Approach

Ongoing Support

At K & R Consulting Group, we realize that support is an issue that can be the difference between choosing one product, service, or vendor over another. Because of this factor, we have implemented several ways for you to receive the answers to your questions in the method that suits you best.

  • Technical Support Call M-F from 8-5 pm CST (888)475-3655
  • Remote Desktop Streaming (GoToAssist)
  • Website Support Request for Non-Urgent Support Needs
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