Our Unique Approach

K & R Consulting is Highly Focused on the Customer Experience!  Our goal and objective is not to be the largest ERP software company.  We strive to be the best and to focus on each client’s issues as if we owned their company.  We not only focus on the software solution, but the overall business operations as a whole.  Our commitment to exceed the client’s expectations and deliver quality work is our number one priority.

K & R Consulting takes a unique approach to work very closely with each of our perspective customers to assist, select, and recommend the right business software solution(s).   We invest our time upfront to understand the business and the issues they are trying to solve.  We then utilize software as tool to demonstrate how the proposed solution(s) will address the various business issues we uncovered during the discovery process.  We will only recommend and present a Software Management Solution(s) if we can meet the current and future system needs. Our main objective is to perform a thorough evaluation upfront to avoid any surprises during the implementation phase.  Once we have identified and quantified the appropriate Business Management Solution(s), we work with the client to have a successful implementation!

Our Software Selection & Implementation Process

Our Methodology is proven to generate results and successful outcomes for our clients!  Our goal and objective is to become a trusted advisor and a long term partner in helping their business grow.  

Brad KainPresident & Owner

Business Review & Software Selection

  • Onsite review to identify overall system requirements, business issues, and areas for improvement and automation
  • Discuss expected growth plans and/or any future acquisitions to ensure proper system selection
  • Gather and request sample data to structure and prepare a tailored demo addressing the critical issues uncovered
  • Demonstrate a proof-of-concept product demonstration to show how each of the key issues will be addressed in the proposed software solution(s)

Software Implementation Process

  • Design an in depth review and documentation of current processes and procedures
  • Data clean-up, migrate data into new system and build out system prototype solution
  • Train key personnel team on prototype solution to allow for feedback, selection options, and adjustments
  • Develop the final procedures, documentation and train end users
  • Go live and on-site assistance to ensure a seamless conversion

Post Go-Live Improvements & Support

  • Implement a process for continued process improvement and learning
  • Implement an ongoing support process
  • Provide future training on advanced topics or specific areas in the system
  • Assist as needed with one -off questions, issues or any additional change request

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