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EDI Integration

TrueCommerce has been providing EDI products and services since 1995, and they have applied their experience and expertise to create an integrated EDI solution designed specifically for Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS90 & MAS200) and Sage 500 ERP (formerly MAS500). With TrueCommerce, all you need to become EDI enabled is a Windows based PC, Sage Software’s Visual Integrator and a standard Internet connection

TrueCommerce Transaction Manager™

TrueCommerce’s user-friendly translation software requires only basic PC skills to send and receive transactions using an interface similar to e-mail.  The package designed for use with MAS 90/200/500 includes (1) Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS90/200) and Sage 500 ERP (formerly MAS500) Business System Plug-in (BSP) and three (3) Electronic Partner Plug-ins (EPPs). All updates to new versions of TrueCommerce Transaction Manager are provided at no charge. Activation of a TC.Net account is required to send and receive EDI transactions.

EPP – Electronic Partner Plug-ins

Each Electronic Partner Plug-in (EPP) includes the EDI mappings for all of your trading partner’s EDI transactions. Transaction Manager requires one EPP for each trading partner.

The EPP “tells” Transaction Manager:
•    which transactions are supported by your trading partner
•    how the data should be formatted
•    what data is required on transactions that are sent to your trading partner

BSP - Business System Plug-in

Each Transaction Manager purchase includes a Business System Plug-in (BSP) at no additional charge. The BSP maps EDI data to the specific requirements of Sage 100 ERP and Sage 500 ERP. The power of TrueCommerce Auto-Integration enables you to avoid time-consuming conventional methods of data mapping, and provides tools that enable you to automate the translation of item codes, and accommodate multiple ship-to store addresses.

ELP – Electronic Label Plug-in

The TrueCommerce Electronic Label Plug-in (ELP) automates the process of generating UCC 128 numbers and printing trading partner approved shipping labels. Optimized for Zebra-brand printers. Updates to the ELP are provided at no charge.

TC.Net – Transaction Control

TrueCommerce’s alternative to traditional Value Added Networks (VANs), TC.Net provides routing and transaction control between you and your trading partners, regardless of the platform or system used. Key benefits of TC.Net include:
•    supports multiple types of connectivity including AS1, AS2, HTTP, and ftp
•    users typically save 20% to 50% versus traditional VANs.
     (call for a comparative quote)
•    no annual contract or annual subscription/maintenance fees
•    secure and convenient online access to account information and
     historical data

EDI Integration PDF Library

The files listed below are PDF and Zip files. You can view the PDF files with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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